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Tanay Jackson has been on a 4 year hiatus but is making a return to the scene with something new and unexpected. No one knows what this phenomenal indie artist has up her sleeve but the media has been speculating. Tanay is back.


Her New Video "FABULOUS" has been getting alot of speculation for its artistically creative scenes and intoxicating musical composer. Tanay and PAV Bundy  both collaborated on the song and its getting alot of praise. In the first 2 weeks of the videos sneak peek release on YouTube, it accumulated about 11,000 veiws. It's a big step from Tanay's last video "Naughty Girls Need Love Too." 


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What's to Come



Tanay plans to release a new clothing line named "MAMA CHOLA" . The relese of her long awaited album will be soon to come as well. Watch out for more video releases from this talented  superstar at www.youtube.com/7tanay7

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