Tanay Jackson the well spoken young lady who happens to be the only daughter of Tito Jacksons  and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson, launches a new campaign to show the world just what she's got going for her and that's a lot. Jackson combines exciting and evocative songwriting with expressive and energetic stage routines. Reviews say “she looks incredible onstage and is a great performer. She is certainly making a name for herself in the Pop music genre. Tanay has been seen on CNN, E NEWS, and Geraldo Rivera Show just to name a few. She has graced the cover of the Daily News, GEV magazine, and has been in  a few other publications.

Tanay has already taken the industry by surprise and has taken the world by storm with her presence and many talents.


Her music video "ADDICTED” Which she wrote and directed has hit the charts as an EP staying at number 2 for 2 month on the R&B charts and is available for viewing on YouTube and her long anticipated video "FABULOUS" will soon be released. Jackson is also a songwriter , stylist, model, and video director.   Tanay  discovered her natural abilities at a young age. Raised by her mother in Maryland, the gifted songwriter and performer was first recognized by her fourth grade music teacher who insisted on vocal training for the child prodigy. By the age of 12, Jackson began writing poetry and music for fun. She has received writing royalties from JASCAR in Japan for one of her songs; Sony Urban noticed her excellent writing and tried to negotiate a publishing deal with the talented performer. Tanay Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in 2006 and is now CEO and President of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music. She's began touring the country in early 2012 and expanded her brand and did a mini tour in Europe late 2013. After a brief hiatus, Tanay is back with new music and a new outlook. Ms. Jackson will soon be in the process of starting her own clothing line as well.